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September 16, 2016 -  Have fun in Austin at the CB Conference! Wish I was there! Maybe next year!

 ~ Edgar Allen Poe

"“Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them.”

Cluster headaches are also called "Suicide Headaches".

The clock is ticking
The time is near
Sleep is my enemy
My ultimate fear

It's during my sleep
that the beast comes out
He rips at my brain
Just to hear me shout

There's nothing I can do
To stop this train
Once it starts rolling
It brings on the pain

I want to wake up
And find the way out
I cannot stand
Not one more bout

He's beaten me down
And drained my soul
He's made me dig
My own hell hole

There is no escape
There is no return
Can't find my way out
I'm going to burn

The crying is loud
The screaming has begun
Where are my bullets?
And Where is my gun?

can't stand much more
So I close the door
can you hear my screams
Or is it all in my dreams?

Is this really life
Or am I in hell?
It's hurts so bad
It's hard to tell

A big sharp claw
sunk deep in my eye
No way to hide it
can't help but to cry

The pains a ten
I'll tell you now
I survived this long
But I don't know how

I've got my gun
Nowhere else to run
Load it, cock it, and point it to
In just a minute it'll all be through

I made it on the train
As he rang the bell
Got a one way ticket
From here to hell

When I die
Don't shed a tear
You can't see me
But I'm still here

No more dreams
And no more pain
No more rides
On that long black train

All this pain
Has made me weak
It's eternal Bliss
That I seek

To stop the pain
Once and for all
I get back up
Just to take a fall

As day turns to night
I'm full of fear
I know it won't be long
Until the beast is here

He's brought his tools
To torture my soul
Once he starts
He gets on a roll

There's no stopping him now
Nothing can be done
As I scream and cry
and load my gun

Crash and burn
My soul's on fire
He says he'll stop
But he's such a liar

So welcome aboard
the long black train
The devil's driving
me totally insane

One last plan to end the pain
One final leap to get off the train
So when you hear that pop from my gun
Don't be sad to hear that I'm done

No real friends
And No loving wife
No good reason
to continue this life

He's coming again
I can feel him now
He's getting so close
I can hear his growl

He'll beat me, whip me, and torture me too
He will not stop until he thinks I'm through
So I often ask god to help me out
With no reply, I begin to shout

Why doesn't god help me?
Why doesn't he come?
Is it something I said?
Or something I've done?

My last ride on that train
My last time being in that much pain
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
I'm ending this now with my gun

IT'S OVER !! (Loud gunshot noise)



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